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i. sun: the light of all life. Ive had many suns in my life, people I thought would be the center of my universe forever. After the last person, I swore to myself I’d never put anyone there again.
<Opening> Birth, isolation, indulgement in nature Innocence, happiness, bounded in Eden Dancing, smiling, someone else’s pleasure. <Decision>
Once upon a time A young girl so benign Confronted by the curse Touched, pricked, and tumbled Fallen by the spindle.      Oh the unlucky one Rembered for her collapse
Stars stuck on my ceiling, so I’m making wishes in my room about you. I’d go outside but the clouded judgement of the moon is hating on my thoughts of you, So let’s wait till the morning; I’m your flower.
seated cross-leggedin the dew soakedmountain grass,our eyes castheavenwardas magneticmidnightapproachesand ribbonousrainbowsundulateacross thedarkened sky,
They say there’s an unimaginable ache, The flip of your stomach that screams for you to pull the trigger Control is cold and heavy in your hands Power sits idle between your fingers begging for release
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