4 O' Clock

All I want to do is be quite,
A place in nowhere where I want to hide.
Let it be rainy, the weather is calm
Let this place be the one where others can come.

I'm a gentle kid that never speaks,
The coyness of the anxiety he reeks.
The scars in my head that runs to my heart,
The unspoken truth of when I will fall apart.

It feels like I'm sorry for being a burden
I feel other's pain, I don't need a guerdon.
I try to motivate myself to be social,
Going out for movies is what I like to cancel.

I want them to understand without me saying nothing
Instead of speaking I lean on daydreaming.
They tell me not to be depressed,
Surprised as to why I never thought of this myself.

Every night I wake up, I'm blind.
All of this thoughts come rushing to my mind.
Other tell me I look fine & I guess they are right.
Then I second guess, overthink and fright.

If I meet anyone of you, I will be polite.
And if you wish I will be bright.
I just hope that there are people like me
A support is what I just need.

@Jeet Roy


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