Twin Towers

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It has been 20 years since the towers fell. Two decades to mourn Two decades to heal, But the scars run just as deep as they did twenty years prior. Just as deep as the wounds that bleed into our streets
Imagine yourself. Being trapped in the, Twin Towers. Knowing you're going to die. And you have one decision to make, either to suffocate, from the smoke, or jump to a fast,
The day we cried The day they died The day the eagles ceased to fly The day our freedom was attacked, The day they made the towers so they ne'r be back. The day the pentagon was hit with a plane
Burning ashes fall upon my shoulders, and screaming bodies run. I look through the blur of faces, and don't know what can be done.
I’ve got a noose around my neck, And a fire outside my door. I’m about to dangle in my distress I’m on the 107th floor. They say: Stay there, we’re coming. We’ll be there soon and,
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