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Welcome to the puppy factory farming Suffering starts long before you arrived
2 years 6 months ago
Light caressed her soft coral painted lipsYawning from a restless sleep as the moon took station over its place
2 years 8 months ago
Snatched from my home land, Before I could understand
2 years 9 months ago
    Freedom has expired Onto the road of depravity  Also known as captivity   
2 years 9 months ago
He wants a friend He wants our love He can not pray To those above   His pain will last
2 years 10 months ago
Life is like a Cherry Blossom Tree, it's beauty lasts only so long, it seems like only moments, you'll look away and they're gone.
2 years 10 months ago
why do we see such earthly beauties as such monsters?
3 years 5 days ago
Cheese is really great I only eat it if it’s fake It is for the cow’s sake
3 years 1 month ago
Push      the cheese through the              grater rather   than      shredding it back
3 years 1 month ago
"what is the thing your are most afraid of?" i ask  the pigs look at me and a river falls from their eyes
3 years 2 months ago