Performance Animals

Flashing lights and carni music,

Attract you to the scene.

“Animals and freaks for all,

Come to see our beasts!”

The curtains close and lights dim down,

Peering from behind are makeup’d clowns.

But this entertainment  you've come to see

Is a horror show behind the scenes.

The lion tamer raises his whip,

To crack down upon the golden cat.

And each elephant you've come to ride,

Gets beaten for trying to fight back.

Bears are zapped to ride those bikes,

Upon which you applaud them for.

The hoop jumping tiger is stabbed at

To produce a mighty roar.

Whipped and beaten into show biz,

These animals know not what freedom is.

We say slavery ended in 1865,

But then answer my question;

Why are these creatures forced to die?

Upon our entertainment they are beaten.

Locked in cages and mistreated.

When no longer able to perform,

They're left for dead on the tent floor.


This poem is about: 
My community
My country
Our world
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