Poems about Animals

Bacteria, Amoeba What disgusting creatures Forest beings, forest fires Homes destroyed
  I am in a empty room,The one you have put me in,Only to look at the two-sided mirror.
Slowly slipping under Mind is pillaged and plundered Strangers slowly surrounding me
I'm From a teasing big brother                And tire swings to                'wide open spaces' and
Soft, silky fur. Large, pleading eyes. Warm, cuddly bodies. Genlte, rhythmic heart beats. Happy, care-free tail wags.
The crowd breathes in, the silence in filled with excitement, adrenaline pumping, all eyes on you.
She approaches, her claws scratch the surface of my heart.
Zoology, the study of animals. Or in this case, the teacher studies the girls like an animal. Thrusting positions every couple seconds.
I know all of us have had a difficult teacher Who we all thought was a preacher