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It's just those kids that are a little bit off,  when a teacher calls their name and they struggle not to cough And ,,Girls on the right and boys on the left" is a terrifying statement
A minute is slicing my nerves It gives me a pressure along my body's curves Muting my voice down to the silence Betraying me, my gestures are put in defiance  A minute ago I was a human
Cutting through the dark   It's a cold, it's a dark which dwell in my shivering heart   My fears make me chasing through the losses I bear,   All these pieces which are falling apart.  
Today I am the God of Mischief. Tomorrow I will be the Goddess. Perhaps, maybe there will be no gender at all. I move back and forth, My gender is a spectrum. 
her words, shatter my resolve like ice smashing my hope to bits and pieces she says I'm over reacting inventing things to finally make friends this isn't how it ends
Every little kid learns about butterflies, With their fluttering wings and their monumental transformation
Am I not human, For having the courage, To stand up, And embrace who I am?   I am no different from you, We eat the same food, Breath the same air, Is it just because I wear a binder,
  waking up brings more questions than answers. i am forced into consciousness and to a decision: who will i be today?  
I go walking down the street in my local town, just like you. I catch the same bus to go to work everyday, just like you. I browse some shops and buy food to provide for myself, just like you.
Why, what is it so hard to understand I want to be called as they and them. Why do people insist on being so ignorant. Refuse to believe there are genders outside of the binary. Even when we are living proof!
While the world splits meAnd everythingIn twos,The only option that fits meI'm not allowed to choose.When I tuck up my hairIt's not to impress you.So don't tell me what I should wear.
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