Why can't I just be me

Why, what is it so hard to understand I want to be called as they and them. Why do people insist on being so ignorant. Refuse to believe there are genders outside of the binary. Even when we are living proof! They refuse to believe I am anything other than a girl. Just because I have breasts and feminine features. The gender queer spectrum exists. We are here! Right in front of you yet you keep pushing harmful stereotypes on to us. I am not trying to be a "special snowflake". And even if I was shouldn't being different be celebrated instead of oppressed! I just want to be me. People try to put me into a box that doesn't fit, like trying to put a peice of stained glass in a frame, even though that peice won't fit! When will people realize I will not fit in to there box. Am I not allowed to be different? Am I not allowed to be who I am?      

                                                                                                I guess not...


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