Dear Mom, love me for me...

her words,

shatter my resolve like ice

smashing my hope to bits and pieces

she says I'm over reacting

inventing things to finally make friends

this isn't how it ends

but tears cascading down my face, choking out the sobs, 

I am broken,

I have spoken

my truth but my family

silences me, 

relentlessly forcing me back into the closet to 

hide myself away,

I am not a liabilty

you cannot silence my individuality 

redefine my legacy


am who I am always meant to be

why can't you see

I am spiraling down becuase of your hate

In a state of hopelessness I slide down the bathroom wall 

Wanting to leave it all 


The words that you put inside my mind

making me believe that I am never good enough

I shouldn't have to put up with this stuff mom

you tell me that you'll love me no matter what

but that doesn't hold true

I see right through your one-sided lies

You can't disguise your outright discrimination

Mom you are bringing me down to my knees

Screaming please, 


just love me for who I am...

All I want is for you to understand

to hold my hand

and whisper in my ear

"I love you, exactly the way you are."


This poem is about: 
My family



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