Period (An AFAB trans poem)

It's just those kids that are a little bit off, 

when a teacher calls their name and they struggle not to cough

And ,,Girls on the right and boys on the left" is a terrifying statement

but they take all of their power to avoid debating


I wouldn't put it past them that sometimes

they might look and their wrists and this thought just crawls in

they might look at a knife and they might wonder

Isn't there a way to get rid of this hunger?

I can feel my stomach cramping

And my eyes slowly damping

As my cheeks are getting painted red with tears

Do I leave this thing alone or do I face these fears?


Stop making me feel weak just cause I'm bleeding

you're insisting that you know me and it's such a pain pleeding

I know who I am and why can't you see that?

Just say you love the system more than me, period



This poem is about: 
Our world


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