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You wouldn’t think His eyes would shine so bright Beneath those clouds that fog his sight But they’ve been aglow since ‘25 You wouldn’t think he would be so kind
I only have $10 in my pocket, but you can have it. It's my last $10, but nothing in the world would make me happier than giving it to you. I see that you're shivering, you can wear my jacket.
A bunny and a turtle have a nice little quarrel over who is the quickest one; So they agree to a race but the bunny has got pace and the turtle just has his money.   It is now fin'lly starting
    When people ask,
  Balled od a Cowboy
You are in your home You are at the table reading the newspaper Its calm outside The trees are still The birds are eating and picking worms from the ground The sun is out
The fire glows in the darkened night, while the onlooker bows with his mind deep in thought, sitting on a broken, charred log. Memories sear his mind like the crackling and popping flames burning away the
When I think of orientation I dont immediately think education when we think of excitement Camp crimson is synonymous we are sooner born sooner bred
Hurricanes, tornadoes, strange omens wreak day's woes, Foes unseen, it's of the people unclean, Pollution sown so mean, this is not just a dream, Fiends of torrential rain, causing pain as the water flows down drains,
When there is nothing left What do you do? When there is nothing you can do How do you send your time? When there is no one to talk to Do you talk to yourself?
Lying still, fur marred with dirt I lie lost in the land destroyed by wind The ground lay still now Leaving behind remnants of a once loved town My heart lay still The world turns on People walk over
I smell the aura of destructionAll around OklahomaI feel the night all over againAll too well
It's our time to help Tornado victims in need Step up and do it
Mother Nature's test of will and strength Us poets and Americans stand for you in length. Winds were sent screaming through the fields like banshees, But we are a country, country united, so show no worries.
Hurry, Hurry, into the deep and you, my love, will be safe to keep all alone and underneath because up above the cyclone creeps
Oklahoma Cries Nicole Richmond
Fly my love Flee this wretched world.
Fly my love Flee this wretched world.
Sometimes, As I watch the clouds drift by In these simple Oklahoma skies I think of how we first met.
Rolling skies Tennis Ball sized hail Spring is here
Natural disasters affect us all whether huge or small. It is not until lives are taken that we are truly shaken. Horrible thoughts may cross our minds and seep into our hearts that underline
My heart speaks out To all the survivors of Moore No person should ever experience that The feeling of being torn
There's something magical About the unpredictable weather. Something cathartic About the fiery orange and soft pink of the expansive sunsets. But these simple treasures can't defeat the feeling of
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