Why I love Camp Crimson


University Of Oklahoma
United States
When I think of orientation
I dont immediately think education
when we think of excitement
Camp crimson is synonymous
we are sooner born sooner bred
a place where orientation can get to your head
placed into groups seperated from your friends
we each have to learn about others with no end
confused and lost it all seems like a haze
yet the people that surround you are in no way restrained
they all let loose
showing there passions and dreams
convincing us each to see what they see
an SGL is not a counselor
but a friend
someone you can go to as you begin
a year full of ups and downs
the sooner family is all that is found
a camp where there is no judgement
nothing to weird
no person out of place
because we all fit in
from campers to OGS
SGLs to advisors
each person digging deeper
to find out about us
I love camp Crimson because it has set me free
shown me that there is no reason to be 
afraid of who I am
of being myself
because when I step foot in Norman
my mistakes are forgotten
from the spirit tunnel to voices unheard
I immediately bought in
every moment of camp changed my perception
turned me into an inclusive paticipant
a member of a place where I know I fit in
Now it's my turn to dedicate my life
to show students they can do it
and make them see what I've tried 
To love them and pass on 
that inclusivity
to express myself genuinely 
and show students its okay to be weird
its okay to be yourself
especially here
where we all care
to me leadership is being yourself
it's expressing tradition and respect
every step that you take
I know I can show students the way
to being themselves in this great big place
I see them all 
supporting me now
my fellow campers
my OG
my own campers
each one has shown me that I can do anything
they've pushed me
and told me to keep having dreams
they each told me to never give up
they've reached out
they've been there
they've helped me succeed
they've shown me that I can be me
they've set me on a path
a journey to stand tall 
and together we can yell


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