Balled of a Cowboy


Balled od a Cowboy

By: Logan L. Pate


When people ask,

if he’s a real cowboy,

if he wore a hat, 

since he was a boy.


He looks with a puzzle,

what do they mean,

he wears and rides,

when he is not seen.


A cowboy is loving,

and humble in heart,

he takes not the title,

but takes up the art.


Cowboy is life,

and ethics the same,

caring for cows,

and not of the fame.


if something is hard,

he pushes straight through it,

if he can not conquer,

then God helps him do it.


Cowboy is when,

a calf is born late,

its snowing outside,

but he will not wait.


He puts on his boots,

and slips out the door,

puts on some gloves,

then saddles his horse.


heads to the barn,

where the old cow now lay,

dead on the ground,

in a pile of hay.


The calf is alive,

for this he thanks God,

he takes off his coat,

and runs off the dog.



Puts his old coat,

around the new calf,

now picks him up,

and then glances back.


The cow now lay cold,

and he just looked on,

for its happened before,

and all had gone wrong.


Calf in both arms,

he climbs up his horse,

holds on to it tight, 

to try to stay warm.


He gets to the house,

and slides from his horse,

saves the calves life,

and stays on his course. 


raises the calf,

watches it grow,

after the winter,

after the snow,


The small helpless calf,

now up and grown,

is the mans best prize bull,

he ever had known.


God blesses all,

but by him we learn,

that of all the people,

Cowboys stand firm. 




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