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Someone told me that  when ever they look at my pictures they see a pretty and elegant 
Imperfection A blemished complexion Staring at me in the reflection A most natural thing facing rejection Perfection is a requirement, no exception A face less than beautiful receives no affection
Raised under watchful eyes I stand under broad daylight Expectations driven through the mind Curiosity crumbled into a pile of dust Searching for an exit in a complex maze Hand reaching for a dream so far away
  We march to the sound of glances speaking victory
To all you bullies out there  
  We are a family of winners Not because we are a family that wins But because we are used to the feeling
  as long as there is  'A'  &  'B' 'A'  can look to  'B'  for difference and  'B'  can look to  'A'  for difference
Piece by piece I keep forgetting why the human experience is so great, but I remember I used to not think this way.....  
Oh pandemonium that cast such a silence What tranquility you graced me with, In the nights light of quaint eternity that our Souls touched   Thoughts of utterance quaked the heart
(something is different as you dislodge it from the cookie)   If you be the miricle you want to see happen, that miricle will not happen But for some chance that it does, behold the next level
Fine Ingredients cannot hide from a soup resturant quality, and character hide within stocks, herbs, oils, and flavor compatibility reveal the final meal edible creations, delectible, hold your mind through
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