Please.... Have Some Pity For The Bully


United States

To all you bullies out there


The pranks, flames, batterings, blasts, stalks, trolls, bitter preparations; they see your next step. The mental dark space wait is expected, and hiding place flagged. You're wasting your energy towards another ones gain.That target is asking questions, the next one will figure you out. Could you imaging a whole community that knows your famous slanders or better yet your look. The sly cunnings are changing you, changing your figure; they can see it. The twisting arching nags, and trolling strains rolling all over in your anger. Your target will get over it, move past it, get above it, maybe even thank you for it one day, succeeding after redirecting the energy of your hate.


There is hope though, it's called "find myself out". There is something wrong and you have to find out what it is, give yourself some time to stare at why, to look down inside. It might be painful, but you know yourself best...well maybe you and targets now. You need a change of values my friend. I was once told the greatest value is the harmony of all values that gives strength when following what gives determination, and then passing it on. People pickup on the values that align your walk of life, or maybe it's the stalk of life for all of you. Yes yes yes... the joke was funny at first, but it's an unwanted bash now, and you need to stop and think about what you're doing, your battering yourself my frie.... no... your no friend of mine.


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