Sex & Love Our Weapons... Boys Our Tools



We march to the sound of glances speaking victory

Moving through the lines of silence as the "he's" stumble our way

Please... the truth is no more hurtful than a nip getting slapped by a strap on an outfit change

The hurt just fades away

Now lies can be a nuisance, I keep them all by my side

It's our oath to order our blood sign that we'll use them at the right time

Something smooth and graceful to forget what I longed to be

That image underdeveloped with a peppy step and curious next before she bashed me

Slanderous jelousy, that bitch I protect now that taught me keep a satchel of knives

No more debate though, I found, our true definition of wise

But I'll make it through, those "he's" hide in pride and keep the glittery things

You know the ideals that shine, and undermine the possibilities of my previous priorities

That prick they hide the spoils of war that keep me out of what I am very much within

No issue, they'll see I've got somthin that will get it all from him's

Its tight ......and right for a fight

I learned to use it first back that time when learning how to cry

A pity

What did they expect, living for which gifts to except or reject

Step by step through our circle place

The first sight of space for us,  to journey there I forgot how

A world I used to be curious about, that's just a look I can monetize now


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