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There’s a mindset where they always live inside their memories, I find it disturbing and it seems be a mystery, Their emotional ship seems to be anchored by the past,
Even if you think you’ve seen the apex of self-reflection Know that there’s a blind spot of camera, retina, and so is with the brain.  
  The girl:   Pretty bird, pretty bird, pretty bird, fly. Pretty bird, pretty bird, pretty bird, fly! Pretty bird, pretty bird, pretty bird, why?   Do you stay here?  
To whomever decides to read it:   I don’t know him well. I never will. I’ve heard of him before, through the others They speak highly of him: A friend, a brother, a son, a loved one
I’ve lost so much in so little time. It’s a wonder I’m not losing my mind. Every time I see that unopened letter I want to cry for all the times I’ve lied, deceived, and hurt those I love.
You were the sweetest thing to hurt me Draped in the fur of sheep, disguised as the devil I trusted you, as you conjured pretty promises you’d soon break When I looked at you, I saw your upmost potential My mistake.
It’s because I love you, That I would make you cry. And that’s why I’m your greatest ally.   It’s because I love you,
The world is changing. For better, or for worse? Last year people seemed to overlook me In my surroundings I felt cursed What did I done wrong? I asked I received no answer, so I wore a mask
KRIJTLIJNEN   Ik leef mijn eigen  krijtlijnen  toch val ik erbuiten een ijle tijddans op woorden in kruipkelders van liefde en warmte  Ik ruw mijn dagen met angstig blijven
Wanting.  Wanting what I can't see, what I can't hear, what I can't touch,
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