Dear Hurt


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You were the sweetest thing to hurt me

Draped in the fur of sheep, disguised as the devil

I trusted you, as you conjured pretty promises you’d soon break

When I looked at you, I saw your upmost potential

My mistake.

You see, from day turned to night and your eyes were what I locked in like an astronomer gazing upon stars

Everyday you reassured me of my beauty, but I lay uncertain not knowing if I’m on the only one

I fell in love with the idea of having you to myself, that I lost myself trying to perfect your major flaws

Alone things felt so real, often I’d tell you my plethora of ideas of what we’d be like in the future


You filled my mental and spiritual void while providing good company

Lovable could’ve been your first name

Then you disappeared.

My soul that I was so eager to give to you now shattered

I’m broken, again, as I sit here typing this

Just because your life continues without me perfectly fine doesn’t mean mine does so as effortlessly

I wish I never spent time knowing a beast like you, who can thief a love like mine for the sole satisfaction of hurting me.

This isn’t to shame you,

I actually wish you the best

If you’ve been trying to contact me, I’ve changed my number, I’ve moved on, I am putting the shattered pieces back together

You are no longer allowed where my happiness shines

Because I never knew you were chaotic storm

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