A new light

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#I'VE BEEN DISVIRGINED After the good time we had in the room I took my bag, shoes and car keys home Bounced on the sofa and let out a sigh of relief
I'm thankful for the sun, the blessing received from its warmth.  I'm thankful for the stars, for guiding me through the night. I'm thankful for the love, that spreads from near and far.
In my earliest day 
It had Lit Around the room, She gave a loud cry, and We both understood what that meant. She was low, For a long time.
Defend your heart the one who holds the answers to many mysteries untold, to love the one who lets you grow old and endure the path of brick and stone   To capture the hearts of others is gruesome
The came in a pair that day With a flame to light the way Beneath the rocky ledge of the well Dwell a dragon of Opleth Eyes with flames snarling reins Viscous long hanging fangs to bite
Life thought to be good till one week it happened.  Early on, common space violated shared space that has an agreement broken by her because she thought she was better.  Anxiety triggered, a speech that was broken.
A world in darkness, Barren stone, Evil whispers broken bone.   People crying, Hope does fade Into the darkness, Shrouded shade.   People dying,  Help they cry,
I suffer from a chemical embalance Every day is a struggle To live, To fight Somedays I can open my eyes It's no longer dark I can see the light shining on me I can see I'm not truly alone
The sun sets on that last, golden dayA chance to have a smile on your faceAgain comes the numbers, whirling aroundMaking everything unjust and solemnIt's a test, as everything is,
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