Dragon Of Opleth

The came in a pair that day
With a flame to light the way
Beneath the rocky ledge of the well
Dwell a dragon of Opleth
Eyes with flames snarling reins
Viscous long hanging fangs to bite
They thought they could control
The very one with whom they had to do
Perhaps they have bitten off more then they could chew
One of them lowered his way down
Without a sound to awake the dragon
There was a terrific uprising in the land of Opleth
Nestled on the ground slowly the man moved to touch the dragon
It was having a nightmare tossing back & forth
Finally they reached the golden earing tied to the dragon's foot
Took it then departed what was disturbing is that he farted
Hurried to get to the top of the well
With a great story in which to tell

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