Mon, 07/19/2021 - 08:30 -- Riverz


After the good time we had in the room
I took my bag, shoes and car keys home
Bounced on the sofa and let out a sigh of relief

For many years I've answered yes to this question, "Are you a virgin?"
And many years I've gotten upset to this question, "Are you sure you're still a virgin?"
Now I've come with my remarks to prove my points clear
I've been disvirgined the marks I bear

I've been disvirgined, yes I totally agree
My virginity I sold out with no masters degree
I've been robbed of my joy, my only boldness
Now I'm a slave, a servant to this sickness

I won't forget that night, well if I should start, my dressing was moderate
After a brief conversation, I felt touches that didn't feel cooperate
I sensed no harm, my mind he did operate
At the end of this task, laughter and pain I couldn't separate

Not like the force used on me was hard
Because I remember the blissful sensations I had
You know they say "Had I known"comes after
But to be honest,it never came not now, not after

I mean why should I regret loosing my virginity?
For this was the one I longer with all sincerity
For my name to be Among the list of persons
I did want I did to learn no lessons

For what use was my virgin state to me?
I wasn't proud, I wasn't bold, I wasn't me
I felt so bound to stupid rules I hated to be
Now I'm disvirgined, can't you see?

Yes I bleed out the bad blood they called virgin blood
At a point I cried my all, turned my heart a flood
I personally dragged my name and fame to the mud
I've been disvirgined, my yes with a nod

Now listen to my virgin state
Lies, fight, cheat, theft
Backbiting, Gossip, bitter statement
So when I say I've been disvirgined believe this with no argument

The virgin state the whole world agree
I met a person, burdens he could free
Now I partake in something geniue
I've been born again, seen light, yes! I've been disvirgined...


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