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The NBA is such an exciting league Players working so hard avoiding fatigue   Various Dunks and three's And steals to retrieve   All this work for one goal
Can you believe that a Rose grew through the Cold streets of Chicago? A Rose that flew into stardom and was Haroleded as "The Heir to Jordan's Thrown". A Rose that rejuvinated an entire City and represented Hope. Can you
The devil sits inside the earth Spreading With Triple 6 Triple x But if the devil loves triples then the Splash Brothers are demons But they ain't demons there Warriors
A Key to Basketball First Step, take some reps Step two tie your shoes What's the third? Shoot it like Byrd Last one? Be black. Or white. Or Asian. 
I am brown, I am blue, I am green, I am white, I am human. I am princess pink, I am mint green, I am blood red, I am human. I am burnt orange, I am sultry purple, I am human. I am midnight black, I am human.
40 acres and a mule  How bout 40 million and some fame  slaves to old white men's rule and it's such a shame  from the NBA NFL MLB to the rap and hip hop music industry
The unforgettable night I had, That made everyone except me mad, I was playing in a basketball game, To win it was my aim, Splish splash the net goes, The sound only ballers know,
The Eastern National Basketball Association has come a long way, With people around the world coming to play. There are fourteen teams from all across the U.S.A., And one from Canada.
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