The NBA Playoffs Start Tommorow

The devil sits inside the earth


With Triple 6

Triple x

But if the devil loves triples then the Splash Brothers are demons

But they ain't demons there Warriors

But Steph Curry delivers, he’s a currier

Left, right, through legs, behind back today

On the ground is where they go

Cause they ain’t stopping no Steph show

The chefs know                he’s boiling

He touched ice  and he burned it

The bird flew but he turned it

As Kerr sits          on the bench

Acting all uptight and tense

As the Klay is melted in the kiln

It’s been waiting

For 3 years it was shaped

Until it was formed

Into pretty good handles with a pretty jump shot

And the Wolves tried but he couldn’t be bought

Not even with Love


And as the Love burns the Cavaliers

A King faces his worst fears         an overthrow

As the Black Falcon spreads its wings and flies

Another Maverick dies of old age

More Spurs are made by a sage named Pop

But still the Grizzlies say stop

As Zeebo’s assisted by a younger brother

As the older lives in Chicago

Where two knees are responsible for more tears then jewelry

And Noah tries to put back together his arch but it may be too damaged for repair


So Bill Simmons stares at the Celtics

As Boston waits for another fire

Started when they were Pierced with a Kevin from Minnesota

But not a Kevin with Love

And that original Piercing stabbed Washington

As the Wizards build up from a Wall

But the bearded beast knows he would kill the east

Because the west is so much better

And in Houston, Superman flies with James

But this James has not been crowned King

Maybe MVP

And in the belly of the beast sits a Doctor and a son

Led by Paul who hated New Orleans

But a brow loves it where the Jazz streams through streets on Sundays


Still the real question is who will wake up on Mondays at home

Because they did not win

Win or go home

And while Spurs and Mavericks have something to say to the Warriors

And the Cavaliers still believe the King reigns supreme

A Grizzly bear chases along with Birds and Rockets shooting for a trophy

And quietly within the deepest depths of the forest, a Hawk spreads its wings

While at homes in Utah the Jazz love to sing

This poem is about: 
My country



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