A Simple Blueprint

Wed, 11/26/2014 - 21:18 -- MACKG1


A Key to Basketball

First Step, take some reps

Step two tie your shoes

What's the third? Shoot it like Byrd

Last one? Be black.

Or white.

Or Asian. 

Or Native American. Or purple. Or part-reptile. 

See, it doesn't matter what your race is

As long as we have 5 guys to cover the spaces

At the end of the day, we're all taking the shots

Doesn't matter who's white and who's not

You need a hardwood floor

Some guys who could score

and fans causing a roar

It used to be like this before

All our respect went out the door

He's black, he's white, we're in a state of war

One race playing on the court

One walking out the door

Who made it this way

It's not the players, all they do is play

It's the big-shots, owners and celebrities that say

"He's black and plays basketball, I'll take him anyday"

It's not that cuz he's black he dunks

He's white, he flunks

Look at the court? Do you see race on it?

No, you only see 10 players with grit

Wearing 2 different kits

the only reason that they're split

It's simple really,

one ball, two nets, you see it clearly,

it's just a game

Whatever skin color, we're all the same. 





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