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I've triedAnd I've triedI've even broken down and criedYes I'm still tryingAnd I've finally stopped crying
Stubborn and partially rude seemed to be what they are used to seeing , sometimes goofy, flirtatious, and crazy or even causing a scene. People are oblivious to what lies underneath,
Each and everyday, I pretend and hide away, Though many do not see, That is not truly me.   I wish that I could show, There's so much that they don't know, But my past is still not known,
The purest color of all others The most revealing if stained Yet this color hides my mind from lurking emotions Invincible sadness that would otherwise consume my entire being  
If you look at me, You see happiness You see a smile You hear a laugh every few minutes. When you look at me, You don't see The pain The depression The tears I want to shed
The sins of the mother are what worry me A cult is what she leads Psychologically defective I scream my invective But what worries me are the seeds Such things grow in genetics Such freak heretics
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