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We see We hear We know more about this Than we need to It’s as old as time
Black or white Red or Blue Left or right Right or wrong Good or evil Truth or Lie
I feel like I'm giving it all I've got I feel like I'm giving nothing at all Others give so much more Under worse circumstances Maybe my soul is just smaller And I don't have as much to give
They want to understand me. They want to know how I work. They want to cut me open and see my gears Turning and turning.   They want me to tell all my secrets, Tell my every thought,
*/ /*-->*/
Jazz bar Ten to midnight Love Jones furniture Starlit evening with smooth jazz and a cocktail scented air we can both enjoy with our festive drinks. We'll be sitting at the booths
A freedom without freedom, a choice of abuse We give away our lives with every password put to use Theres little gain but everything to lose We give up being anonymous And hope we're not jused used
The angel of death is so very wise, because the angel of death has taken so many lives. So many husbands,  so many wives. To death do us part but the love stays alive. 
Behind her grey eyes madness laid
my room is crowded with feelings, and all i feel is alone. my family and friends, they just pretend that this house was ever a home my mother, she really does love me. she's the one who tends to my wounds.
The moment of silence lasted till noon We all agreed that he was taken too soon Some call it a tragedy But our lives are not Shakespeare And Death is no Bard So what sense can you give me?
I am scared and alone I wonder what death feels like I hear snickers and whispering at all times I see hatrd in the mirror I want to be numb I am scared and alone   I pretend that I am happy
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