The Life of Death

Fri, 11/14/2014 - 23:09 -- Loi-Boy

The angel of death is so very wise,

because the angel of death

has taken so many lives.

So many husbands, 

so many wives.

To death do us part

but the love stays alive. 

But watch out, be cautious.

You better think twice, 

because the angel of death

could be your friend in diguise.

Your very last breath

could be your next sigh.

So live your to the fullest

to the time of your demise.

Cherish all hellos

and every goodbye. 

From the time when you were born

to the time when you die.



YES I LOVE this poem to live life sometimes i feel that angle of dieath wantes to knock on my door and hurt me but i refuse to let ii'm conintinue to push forward.

Excellent way to write it very creative and deep i enjoyed my read 

***Please check out my work and tell me how you feel and how you maybe can relate to the messages in my poems 

keep u on writing because you have TALENT !!!!

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