2014 freedom

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As I press my pen to paper Allowing the ink to spill along the page New feelings begin to come over me As if I'm becoming the real me Any worries that are filling my mind Like what project is due today
I will always be here for you. I promise to you imani. Everything going to be OK. You lied to me. Why can't you just treat me right.
You assumed that it was always me me. You assumed that it was my fault You assumed that I was shellfish.
The reason I don't share my feelings because when someone listen the 1st time  it just a matter of time when no one will listen at all
Have u ever wanted to explode wanted everything else just to unfold. When the more you help people you where left not even knowing who you are.
Have you ever felt like you had no purpose. Like no matter all the crazy things you do seem like it's never enough.
The lost of trust ,heartbreak ,no one understands me ,I'm scared,no one will listen to me ,what will they think of me  
I wanna take someone's soul out there heart and put it in mines but no matter how hard I try to become someone different the reality is always permitted ...
I learned a lesson that made me think about how the world can be  sometimes you have to get stung in order to learn that it hurts 
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