I will always be here for you. I promise to you imani. Everything going to be OK.

You lied to me. Why can't you just treat me right.

Everyone treats me like shit including you. I'm sorry. You ran out of time.

Imani we just have to be friends.I won't do it again. Imani I need help. Where is imani.

You are failing 3 classes. You are stupid. I'm getting worried. What's wrong.

We don't have the money right now. You make me sick. Nobody is listening. Remain calm.

We could never get free I just wanna dream. I'm here now. I miss you. I messed up and I want you back.

Imani give me a second chance. You ain't running nothing .You are shellfish you only care about yourself.

I hate you .Do you hate me. I want to kill myself. Imani come and save me.

I don't know how we're going to make it. Report cards coming tomorrow. Put it in God hands.

I don't want you anymore. It was a joke. I use to love you. To be honest. you are not the only child.

You might can't do that now. You need to fix your attitude. You are late. Maybe Pre-Ap classes are not for you.

You are stress just relax. There No off button on me and I continue to push myself harder. You expect me to care.

Fuck you. Why are you crying. What is your problem. I saw him doing this. Imani don't get mad.

You will do better next time. You are the only one I talk to. You are my everything.

You saved my life. I'm getting weak. I'm so upset. Leave me alone. Building a wall. Nobody cares about you.

Keep trying. Life is hard. Suck it up. Imani you are strong. Please don't do that .Imani you are the only girl for me.

We have to break up. She might be  pregnant. I think he ran away. Imani can you help me.

You are so perfect. Your smile is beautiful. You are here now. No need to worry.

I have had enough.You always break your promises .You can trust me .

Hold it in imani don't show emotions .I have a headache .I'm disappointed in you 

Imani isn't picking up her phone .I wish i was their for you more . If only I could heal your pain

Leave me alone .Its to late .


All those words had No mercy one me and continued to push me and push me

until I was in to deep



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