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Let’s stick with the facts we don't want any one getting confused  In this world of different colors, why is it me I'm getting accused? Not just that, at the hands of an officer I'm facing death 
When you turn on the news, what's the first thing you see? The Black man that got shot today or the White man on the murderous streak.
When you look at my brothersAt first glance what d
Technology can make a person look fake or even plastic Changes your facial feautures oh lord the changes is drastic
your hands must have once tapped to the beats of Ray Charles, Beyonce, or perhaps Kanye.
America my dear..
If a black man is shot and no white people are around to see it, will justice be served? If the shooter is white, does it matter who was around to see it?
Is it because I'm black, That my face is denied, my life is called crime, I can get kill just for the drop of a dime?
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