Hidden Image


Technology can make a person look fake or even plastic

Changes your facial feautures oh lord the changes is drastic

Stretching out your normal beauty like its elastic

No complains from anyone because you look fantastic

So who am I without the fliters, the make up or the fancy hairstyles?

Who am I if I don't hold back my words like people during trials?

I'm the opposite of the image people see

I have an average beauty, enough to  not make anyone flee

Behind the glamour, is an outspoken teenage girl

Words spoken with so much authority can make anyone's mine swirl.

My photos on Ig without the perfect filter would look average and plain 

Or someone who couldn't use their creative brain

Those weaves you see hides natural nappy hair

I wanted to have hair like white girls! It was so unfair

That lipgloss and lipstick hides my brown lips

So I can blend in with other pretty girls with their small hips

Those eyeliners and contacts hide big beautiful brown eyes

Eyes that you love to look at and can't despise

Take all that glitter, make up, and weave away

I look like a little girl from back in the day

The girls back in the day that had no perm, no flat irons, no tight clothes, and no contacts

You think i'm exaggerating but I'm stating facts 

If I didn't have to fliter my words I would talk about everything I can think of 

I believe my unfilitered words you will love

I talk about the governement, no peace, senseless violence and other things going on 

When you talk out of place

There is always a consequence you have to face

But of course my unfilitered words are mainly heard by my family, friends, or even twitter

Trust me some of my unfilitered words may come of as bitter

On the internet you see a hidden image of me

You see me but you don't see

But underneath is a different person suppressed

Behind my closed lips are words being oppressed

Take a moment and let my words digest

Because with or without my filters I was truly blessed.

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