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  My body, MY Body.  It’s funny to think about when for the longest time  it didn’t feel like mine  Now when I trace my fingers across my arms, i am a stranger to this skin  This skin is filthy , dirty. 
I suvived but never thrived and was denied my exsestice was rejected never protected and subjected to the cruelty by my community but it was my duty to suvive and protect my sister my family protect thier hearts so i put up a farce of course i was
Crisp and clean, A perfect Christian pristine, With rosary beads stringed together with pearls, White as purity and perfectly soft curls.
all of my life, i heard shh, no, shh  why is no easier to say for you than it was for me ? i grew up with people telling me "shh"
We have a tendency to hideEveryday before leaving homeWe put on our maskAnd leave to go into the real worldThere's almost no room for authenticityHow can we "just" be ourselves?Your beliefs, my opinion,
He says that I’m too sensitive As our friends cheer on to his venomous jest It’s just a joke, bud, lighten up (I’m incensed)
I remember, when I was fourteen,  I found out my friend had been raped. I didn't even know what it meant  back then. My friend, she was a drug addict. Living with the trauma.
I Wanted You To 
Ring-ding-dong A man casts a shadow upon the lawn. Ring-ding-dong To her chamber he is drawn. Ring-ding-dong A kiss he gently lays upon, Ring-ding-dong The brow of beauty long foregone.
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