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Send me your love through flowers Roses, Daisies and Daffodils Plant your kisses on my face for hours Till my Lips, cheeks every inch fills
Your bronze hair is tied back in a loose bun, strands falling down to tickle your pale neck.   Down the side  of a forgotten plastic pint
roses are red roses are dead  
Oh, how I hate this day, It reminds me of everyone I’ve lost. It fills my soul with dread, It breaks down my mind. It reminds me that I’m alone,
I want to live on the moon with you. I want to watch the slumbering earth the amazing clear vastness of the universe, I want to watch the stars and the shimmer in your eyes as you stare in awe and wonder...  
When I first met you I felt something strange A feeling that comes out Which I hide long time. I knew that you like me too The way you look at me I saw it at the side of my eye
I am held captive, Captive by my own brain Jealousy wraps my wrists and ankles with razor sharp barb wire while insecurities pound me into the floor On days when I can take it no longer,
Roses are not red, they’re internal colors that blend together, it is our naked eye that misguides us. Something so natural, untouched yet so beautiful and breathtaking.
Red rose:Simple and yet majesticRestricted inside her gardenHer mother made sure she's protectedBeautiful yet deceptiveEntice you with her visualsThen prick you when you neglect
When looking into your eyes, wishing I could explain everything you do to me my heart skips just from being side by side
As you grasp my hand softly, Its as if my heart never got to the point of being empty.   As I look into your brown eyes, Its as if all my worries are excluded from my crowded mind.  
Alone again, hallelujah! Alone again. This year the same as the last: Scraping the bottom of the barrel,
Hey, What is that sound, that seems so old, but yet still new? A musical note from a different hue. A tone that sharply cuts through, the blues inside your heart.  
You are the fragrance of dark coffee.
This must be intervention from above.  To make life unjust and unfair.  To give me this sick kind of love.  A love for someone who does not care.    I don't think I'm desperate. 
Cupid placed his bow upon her mouth And left it there for safekeeping She guards it with a quirk of her lip Mischief tucked into the corner Where she holds her cigarettes
My Love…. This is our season You are my only reason For celebrating this period So many do celebrate devoid Of the knowledge of love Some celebrate just like the dove
Every time our eyes meet,
February 14th is a special day one where cupid comes our way and makes sure love doesn’t go astray   With his powerful dart,
Be my lovely lady valentine, My sweet summer Clementine Face brighter than the morning Sun.
Like flowers bloom each early spring My love for you has made me king. Your sky blue eyes and girlish hue Have always made me long for you. And though the sky may turn to gray And flowers die and fade away.
There once was a boy Who gave a girl a valentine And asked her sweetly, "Would you be mine?" She replied in kind, "I wouldn't mind. But I will give you an hour To buy me a flower."
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