Red Rose

Fri, 08/14/2015 - 14:07 -- Che_G15

Red rose:

Simple and yet majestic
Restricted inside her garden
Her mother made sure she's protected
Beautiful yet deceptive
Entice you with her visuals
Then prick you when you neglect
Red wine drizzle she's tryna teach you Respect
She's tired of you picking them
Then acting like a single rose will do
She knows you like arrays
and bouquets
But she's attached to the fact
That you be blessing her view
She hates that you scared to caress
So distant
So cautious
She envies the touch that Lily gets
She'll cut her thorns
Like that's what'll make you stay
She knows that's the difference between her and the other flowers in your bouquet
She'll sacrifice her individuality
She's tryna get closer to you
If these prickles keep love afar
She'll scar herself to appease to your views
Cuz you make her cheeks blush
Heart flushed with the words you filled her wit
,you helped her to bloom
She feel like she can really grow with you
But your nutrients are mal
But she trust you with the glove
You the botanist that enriched her with love
You said those other guys are just weeds
They just gonna take all the good that she needs
The worst characteristic about Red Rose is she loves to believe
She's holding on to hope because you are something more
But you're attending to other flowers
She's not getting light anymore
Red rose withers
Red rose fades
Red rose turns black
Red rose decays
She wanna believe that she just gotta wait
But Red rose only picked
On Valentines day


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