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As I... Stare in the mirror I notice my imperfections
Turning my heart with a racket trying to break it loose to revel the contents inside reveling who i truly am
My sister chronicled her life in pictures Of sports teams, school dances, and friends Plastered across her walls. My brother chronicled his in memorabilia From sports games, movies, and family trips
Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain, He stands hollow and meek Bear witness only to the façade of the curtain It hides his faults, concealing truth,
I love you... Im not just saying it so it can be spoken but im saying it to be heard dont misinterpret my feelings cuz i mean what i said and i said that i love you.
"Are you okay?" The question that makes me both joyful and depressed The sad thoughts The happy memories They all come to me at once I cry inside every time I hear it But I keep a smile on my face 
The person I am Shall never be known I am one person to people whom they call "normal" I am another to my companions But to me, I am someone I shall never know I am a mystery
Is it really okay to express? What are these things called feelings? My peers will treat me different as if I am weak if I show the real me Are feelings something I should keep locked up or set free?
My love, of whom I have been
My peers see me as the happi
I have been made free.Free from all of the things that once binded me. It is the beautiful saving work of Jesus.The grace that He poured out when he hung on a tree and died for us. No longer a slave to the old.
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