I Love You

I love you...
Im not just saying it so it can be spoken
but im saying it to be heard
dont misinterpret my feelings
cuz i mean what i said and i said that i love you.
Give me a minute to explain my feelings for you
cuz you are worth it.
Babygirl Just give me one chance
to make this whole love thing
be an experiance that you been longing for,
thats worth it,
that you been searching for.
ughhh i know your ex wasnt the best
they hurt and misused you,
how could someone make u feel so low
that u become use to it?
Hurt and decieved
lied and mistreated
are feelings u felt
when they walked up and just cheated
or walked up and just left you
standing there all alone
not knowing what to do,
not knowing what to feel,
not knowing who to trust,
just leaving u there with the feeling of hurt.
If words ment something
I would tell u that i love you
and that i will give you the happiness
that u deserve
gaining your trust
not making you feel all alone
in the cold
not knowing where else to go
cuz like i said
your ex wasnt the best
and im not saying im perfect
cuz i will make mistakes too
but i promise
I will never give up on you
baby just know that i got you


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