guardian angel

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LET GO!!! yells my brain my heart still just hangs on to that one little strings my hands left with tears and blood dripping from the wounds but still I clinge tightly still I think I can make it better
Spread your wings  And comfort me in my darkest days As you watch over me For I know you hate the pain  That you watch me suffer through And let this poem reach you So that you know
I've heard people speak of angels Some describe their features as such   They are young women Beautiful, youthful, pure, and fair They adorn shining halos and silky soft wings
A snowflake kiss On my lips   Over in a second Melted away   A snowflake butterfly On my eyes   Gone so fast  Dripping like tears   A snowflake embrace As I lay down   Here for the moment Till it turns to spring   A snowflake friend Child-sized An
Who are you? What is your purpose? What do you want to leave behind?  Are you a fly on the wall, or a lesson to teach us all?   Hey little fighter, things will get brighter. Just wait and see.
Breaking silence, her voice, quiet hope to create
Pale hair and eyes, Cherubic lips, With a tilt of her head And a flicker of light Behind the windows To her mind.   She stands there, Still as a stone A doll encased in glass.
Fallen into the deep Abyss of my dreams.I stand in a valley filled with Different hues of green.An ever flowing river Runs nearby.The sun shines downUpon me.A figure more luminous 
A lie, A fault, A flaw, Conceited. A love, Misread, Deluded, Concluded? Run, Or hide, With life, Or die. Continue, This journey, So safe, But why?
A lunar light Guiding me along             The haunted path To safety-                  - Home
A bright star that glitters across the night sky after a long day A rainbow that appears after the rains have cleansed the earth You are there A soft bundle of clouds traveling across the still, blue summer sky
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