Guardian Angel

Spread your wings 

And comfort me in my darkest days

As you watch over me

For I know you hate the pain 

That you watch me suffer through

And let this poem reach you

So that you know

That I'll be okay

And as I feel your warmth from heaven

I know I'll never be alone

And as I continue my journey

Youll always be there

And as I follow the girl of my dreams

I know you are there smiling 

And as you watch me fall in love

I know that you are happy up in heaven


Im going to be okay

And that I have finally found the girl for me

The one I want to settle down with

And start a family

For I know 

If you were here

Youd hold me tight

And support me

For I know that you were always so kind

And kept a smile on your face

Even when you were in so much pain

And even though I still regret not being there to say goodbye

I know that you are still here for me

I feel your presence 

Sometimes it overwhelms me

But I know that as long as I make you proud

That I'll be happy 

Knowing that

You are smiling for me up in heaven

And I cant wait for the day that I'll see you once again

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