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Death knows how to gag tie your means to speak,Take hostage every morsel of joy in your tongue,Empty homes, then leave doors but not bodies to creak.You are his target practice.He squints as you run,
Shades and fractals of brown in her eyes, like the innermost part of a tree. To me, she’s like a teak tree. Strong and elegant.
I am strong I've been strong for a while, Like a warrior; pretending I was Mulan with darker skin Because back then, the kids loved to play pretend and I was solid.
Hate a power so evil it can kill an entire race. Hate the darkest of forces mankind has ever created. Hate If it doesn't take your life it will take your soul. Hate
Many People have cravings in life. I crave to be heard. I crave to shout. I crave to go outside and make a difference everyday. I crave to be different and bold. I crave to not waste a minute of my life.
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