Mon, 07/28/2014 - 22:31 -- Naihal


Many People have cravings in life.

I crave to be heard.

I crave to shout.

I crave to go outside and make a difference everyday.

I crave to be different and bold.

I crave to not waste a minute of my life.

I crave to strive.

I crave to live.

I crave to be, most of all, human. 

Guilt, angst, pain, joy, confusion, exhaustion, anger, giddyness;

They all have stories behind them.

They all contain beauty.

I crave to experience it all.

I crave to embrace life.

To live a life of no regrets,

To sing loud;

To laugh and cry often;

To make memories good and bad

It all demands to be felt

And I want to feel it all.




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