To Be Heard

Shades and fractals of brown in her eyes, like the innermost part of a tree. To me, she’s like a teak tree. Strong and elegant.

The freckles on her skin, like little stars from which I can draw out my own constellations. She’s my northern star, drawing me to where I belong.

Her wavy brown hair that forms tight ringlets. Ringlets like the corkscrew she uses for the wine she loves so much.

Her skin is fair, with scars like maps of her life. I’d be the explorer Evliya Çelebi, discovering every part of her body until I knew her inside and out.

Her lips like two oriental lily petals, sweet and fragrant. Like a Triatominae, settling in for a long kiss, I’d make her lips my home.

Her mind, where I find myself longing to slip inside, to pull out a fraction of what makes her…her. Her soul, the counterpart to mine.

She is the person, the soul mate, the future I’ve been waiting for.

I’ll look into those shades and fractals of brown, like the innermost part of a tree for the rest of my life.


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