World of Two

I guess it's true
That when it comes to you
I'm never smart in my plans
My actions aren't ever wiser, but my heart always yearns for your hand.
We could fight today, love tomorrow
And no one would understand
After working for this 2 years it seems hard for people to comprehend
I complain yes, you do me wrong yes. But I should've kept it to myself,

I rather suffer alone than bring others for help.
My family wants to help, like I'm a chariot case but it's probably because I allowed them in our space.

I thought this would work out be different and such, but it was the same with more of an awful touch.
I know you say forget the past, and trust I am trying to get by. It just becomes difficult when my parents can't turn a blind eye. You treated me wrong but you admitted to the truth I guess that's a big step for me
For them it's "that's all she can do?"
Im willing to let you take your time, and find your space, I need to find mine also but I can't help but miss your face. It's the not fighting that they never saw
Now your name leaves a sore taste In their mouths
To see the way you treated me, I understand without a doubt. Their scared that you might make life hard for my siblings. I understand so I have to leave.
I guess you were my first love or it wouldn't be this hard, or I wouldn't have forgave so much, or gave so much.
Staying away, might be what's best, I'm not even sure if this was the lords test.

I brought it upon myself i guess. I kept going back because I thought things would be different.
But now that we've both got it, We'll never get the chance. We both hear the music but we both can't dance. The up and down story..maybe highschool wasn't the time..2 different birds that couldn't fly. It'll be okay, sooner than'll be over again way before noon and I'll cry another tear because I could not fly and if love comes knocking i won't let her inside.

Because after this love and drama and guilt...after the tears the uncertainty and the wilt.

I've found I'll never find another as spontaneous as you, who made a secret so wonderful and a world so perfect for two. Who's atmosphere I could sit in and never get bored. Who's heart I could call without saying a word. Who's smile meant more than a million bucks. And just to lay beside you was better than having good luck. To dream of the future and aspire goals together was the best. no one got to experience that, just you and I, so when you come to me begging I know I'm where your heart relies. It's hard to let go of something you thought was great, I thought it was love, It had to be fate. So what if I let go and I never get it again? The chance to love somebody and they love me for whats within. Is it that it'll never happen or I just won't allow, because I want something to work without a plan of how. This has to be it. This has to be the end. You're starting to not need me and I'm starting to pretend. I guess it's true when it comes to you im never smart in my plans, my action arent ever wiser but my heart yearn for your hand.


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