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Hey child, are you lost? Why are you out here all alone?Where are your parents? Where do you live?Can you find your way home?/ Hey child, are you ok? I see your hearts a little scarred.Is anybody looking for you?
You think you are better. But equality is for you just a word, something you don’t believe in, something you don’t know. You don’t even try to make life equal because you think you earned what you have.
He was strange One to be mocked shamed outcasted He was someone I didn’t understand So he was bad   Now I don’t know
The great oak stands tall and proud— Its leaves  rustle in the wind— the roots below calling out for more knowledge, more of the nectar of life—   The great oak does not bend
I have seen the glismpe of love I have felt it on my skin I have heard the whispers of joy How it hurts me deep within
I tried so hard not to fall for you Or maybe I was just convincing myself I was  I guess that is exactly what screwed me over, huh? I guess after it all, I figured I was invincible this time Im not.
We are children of God Yes! God is our Dad We are siblings of Jesus From our sins, He frees us We are loved and cared for by God
God is so Good, I lift Him on High Way Way High, way above the sky He is so Good, He will forever be Glorified When battles came I was scared and horrified
What a sad life it was when sin tore us and God apart What could we do to be saved from His Wrath? Nothing, because God had a plan to save us from the start
What is Great Love? Great love is this: Someone who lays down His life for his friend Someone who will love you till the end Someone who will never pretend
She is twenty years old; that means she has been living on this earth for twenty years. However, do not mistake living with feeling alive. Because it has been about five... six, seven, eight, nine.
Time for mattresses to turnFor leaves to fall and pick themselves up againThe dust collectsIn the far corners of the closetWhere my
I have to avoid mirrors.. It's not that i want to, its just that i legitimately have to because if i dont the only thing ill be able to think about is that sinking feeling of "if this is what i see, everyone else sees it too".
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