Hate The Way I Love You

I tried so hard not to fall for you

Or maybe I was just convincing myself I was 

I guess that is exactly what screwed me over, huh?

I guess after it all, I figured I was invincible this time

Im not.

It started with those stupid butterflies

You know, those beatiful creatures that are actually pretty scary up close?

And then there my eyes were betraying me each time they made contact with yours

My heart was a drum 

Booming against my chest when you smiled

No rest

I am lost within your complicated games that I choose to play

I lose each time

My mind is trapped within the maze you have set up for me

Is it fun to watch me struggle to find a way out?

Let me out!

My hand is trapped within yours

Within your hand that does not care who it is attached to

Am I only a pastime you never think twice about?

I am convincing myself you mean everything- I mean nothing!- to me

You are (so not) important 

I hate you

I really hate you

I hate you with all my organs!

Except the one organ that matters the most

My heart 





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