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What is a poem to you? Is it just words put together that happen to rhyme? Is it words that discuss your history or what is occurring in the present time? To me a poem is much more than words on a page
The quiet girl in the corner. The girl with her heart in a book and her soul in the song currently pouring through her headphones. Her brown hair may be able to hide her freckled face, but she can never hide the fire in her eyes.
I am… ambitious. Both good and bad, since I enjoy being successful, regardless of what it costs me.
  What makes me, me is what makes you, you. I am not a piece of clothing but rather many different fables.   No one should have to have labels. I am unique, like you.   I am confident in what I do.
Sometimes my words spill out like water over shattered dams, While other times my answer to a question is a gaping trance. At times my confidence excites my very core and takes over control,
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