The Definition of being Defined..

Tue, 11/03/2015 - 21:58 -- Jmoe001

  What makes me, me is what makes you, you.

I am not a piece of clothing but rather many different fables.

  No one should have to have labels.

I am unique, like you.

  I am confident in what I do.

I fear the same fears and go through what you go through.

  But see the world in black and white.

For dreaming is to feel so bright.

  Listen to my cries of shame.

Listen to their whispers and the screaming of my name.

  For I am not perfect.

But imperfect.


But flawless..

  In my eyes.

You cannot define me. 

  And I cannot define you.

For you do not know the full me.

  And I do not know the full you.

For you cannot know someone fully.

  That's the definition of being defined.

It is to be free from the chains of social norms and to live and love life as living is a transient thing.


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