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She lived a perfect life Lovely home & a loyal wife. And a night of storm; her world shook No one even cared to have a look. His nails undressing her pride, His failure revealed his monstrous side.
Brown hair, blue eyes, bruised body, broken heart And all the boys will tell her, her body’s a piece of art Clothes will hide the scars, lies will hide the truth
Why should I slit my wrists and die, When you already broke my heart and made me cry You don't have any right to come back for me  How about you go die You've done so much damage, You ruined my life
Children, babys, hit, abuse, stop. tears, ashes, blood, broken, you should get arrested
You were not a Monster You were just a teen Whose Crucible- whose Pain You kept discreet   You come from generations To children they See-not Hear Should problems these sentient Toys befell
In the beginning it was like all nice and romantic almost like a dream I felt like I was in a fairy tale like it wasn't real And for me I should have known that it was too good true
Aggressive, Unpredictable, Violent... attacking people on the streets, hurting newborns in their sleep, almost as if I'm a creep! I never meant to hurt you, but that's what society expects me to do,
Crying doesn’t silence me it just dulls my screams of pain 
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