accept differences

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Backflipping in a world flipped, I flipped off society for its ignorance towards sympathy, no empathy for the underdog dogged out for being true to self and indefferent to being different.
To be or not to be? That's the question, isn't it? Whether we have to suffer at the hands of others, or take permanent action. There is another option. Overcome the burden that rides your back,
I want to see more buff guys holding butterflies and wearing beautiful garments, unfathomed that it could ever tamper their masculinity. Love your femininity or masculinity unconditionally.
When you are different Everything is wrong Nothing is right But because of that  You still have to fight, With all your might You have to flaunt your Ethnicity Your Philosophy Your Style
I am a complicated,  Tense ball of stress.  I walk around and see  People around me, chained to their Misgivings and hope.    But I want that, too.    I have been blind 
Do you know how hard it is to be me? They say we all have freedom, So when I chose to be like this They say it's wrong I should be like them. So what happened to the freedom? I am a black guy.
Just because I’m smart doesn’t mean I don’t have feelings. Doesn’t mean I don’t work hard. Doesn’t mean everything comes easy. And doesn’t mean I don’t hurt.
I stand out. I'm different then the people around me. I am a good girl who care about everyone else but I hate myself. People don't always understand why I'm so good to others. I try to keep myself in line by caring for others and being myself.
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