Thou Shall Not Conform

Backflipping in a world flipped, I flipped off society for its ignorance towards sympathy, no empathy for the underdog dogged out for being true to self and indefferent to being different. Being the Cheerio in this world of Fruit Loops makes me loop through a hundred rings like saying I do on the hundreth try of my hundreth marriage riding off on my horse and carriage. Dark days constitue for bright nights, when the moon is full and soluting my bravery. I wave hello as it smiles back with a wink, I think we have something in common. We are scarred by the craters of life, we were walked all over, spied on by many a person while sleeping surrounded by stars, and we have shed light on those who needed it most. I love music that makes me want to sing. Poetry and music bring a spell over me like a gypsy telling fortunes for the future. The past isn't present when you don't look back at those biting dust, and you can't expect the truth from those you distrust. They tell you to be true to you until you hit them with an announcement that sends them on Bended Knee, pleading like Boyz II Men for the truth to be a lie. Why then should you live in a box when the earth was made to be round? You tell me...

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Our world


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