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I wake up and thank God for letting me see another day, Then I pray that God watches over me Since there’s people that want me dead because of the color of my skin,
This is for my brothers and my sisters full of ideas, creativity, and passion. This is for those young black lives, the eighteen and nineteen year olds trying to make it to graduation or college orientation.
God made man God made woman
If pandemonium had a soundtrack this would be it Chaos Chaos we all cry out We can't sleep We can't breathe Hands up don't shoot Only together can we make a new type of soundtrack The sound of peace
Beat cause I'm black in America. I endure racism, Self-hate, Oppression, Misconception and devised plans, I lack introspection and revised plans, So I strum to the beat of the white man.
To be me is be black EVERYONE looking at me figuring the worst. It seems like my skintone is cursed, From Martin Luther King to Eric Garner Black people are losing their honor.   But when I look at me
My tears will be forgotten. My words will be left behind. You stood by my side as the days went by. But now you have hurt me! You tore me down and broke me! Why? You don't notice nor care! I don't need this!
Who says what is perfect? Who says I am flawed? Oh, you? Well, here's what I say;   I say I am me, and that is all I can be.   I have scars across my skin
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